An intro – and a note on being interesting

Not a writer but I have a lot of ideas and tidbits of advice that may be useful! After years of chatting with friends and colleagues I realized maybe I do have some valuable input (maybe)! Here is the “sparks note” version of me:

  • Canadian.
  • I’m a young HR professional. 
  • I’m single, and (dare I say it) I enjoy being single. 
  • Big advocate for female empowerment.
  • I’m a bitch – but the good kind of bitch.
  • I have the best set of girlfriends a woman could ask for.

I really don’t know if anyone will read this but regardless, I am here to share my opinions and “value adds” I’ve learned along the way. From career stuff to relationship stuff – I’ve got stuff. Doing my best to keep it spicy and fun.

My very first piece of advice to all of you that have made it to my corner of the internet… get a hobby. Okay I know that sounds rude, but what I really mean is, have interests and passions and purpose! I’ll say it louder and repeat it over and over! If you have an interest, pursue it and find ways to incorporate it into your daily life.

Why do I say this? Because people with hobbies are interesting. People with hobbies subconsciously develop themselves. You learn to learn. You acquire new skills. You can meet new people, build friendships and acquire interpersonal skills.  

And most importantly… if you have a hobby/interest/passion, you’ll finally have a good answer to the interview questions “tell us something about yourself”.

So my action item for you… figure out what you like, what fulfills you, what you find fun or challenging, and make a hobby out of it! Who knows, maybe I’ll give you some ideas later!

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