Is it okay to have mood swings?

This thought occurred to me the other day after I had endured multiple mood swings. Is it okay for us to have frequent mood changes, or are we responsible to control our mood and act as though nothing crazy is happening to our hormones? 

I still haven’t come up with an answer for this one (maybe writing this will help), but here are my thoughts for either side.

1.   We have to control them to protect those around us

Having mood swings is a common occurrence for many of us. However common it may be, those around us are often negatively impacted by our rampant mood fluctuations. The majority of the time, the people around us just want us to be happy. Therefore, when we are visibly angry, sad, anxious, upset, etc., it makes them uncomfortable. 

So to be able to continually perform at our top levels as an employee, a friend, or a person in general, should we do everything in our power to achieve stabilized behaviour?

There is something to be said for the ever-composed woman. She is elegant, she is classy, she is in control… but is she attainable? 

2.   We can allow it because have to embrace our emotions

It is much easier to argue for self-indulgence. When you’re having an off day, and you can’t seem to maintain a stable mood, is it too much to just allow it? 

Hormone fluctuations and off days are inevitable, and as human beings we have every right to be upset for no reason. Being human means complex fluctuations in emotions and experiences that all compile to change how we act constantly. So, if you’re feeling off, it just means you’re alive.

Concluding Thoughts

This brief discussion on mood swings did not direct me towards one side or the other. Instead, I propose a middle ground. There is no need to regulate or control one’s unexplainable emotions, however, it is important to recognize it in yourself, and establish a best course of action. Personally, when I feel myself experiencing mood swings, I prefer to be alone and focus on work or a project of some kind. Some may prefer to be with friends or binge your favourite tv shows. Logging any irregularities can help to track and recognize these fluctuations moving forward, in order to help you conquer the mood swings. It’s up to you how you deal with your emotions, as long as you’re looking after you! 

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