How to Build Self Confidence – Fun and Fresh Edition

How many times have you read a self-help book or some “insta guru” explaining the way to self-confidence is through self-reflection, meditations, positive thinking, etc… Well all of those strategies are fantastic ideas, how can we actually incorporate them and see results? There is no clear link between the strategy and the outcome. Growing up painfully shy and insecure I had to develop my own habits in order to really harness my self-confidence.

To help with this, I am going to share three ways I improved my self-confidence.

1.   Do Stuff

First and foremost, I gained a lot of confidence when I began pursuing projects and passions of mine. Some of these including joining charity groups and committees at work. Not only did I feel better about myself for pursuing valuable causes, I started to realize I had a talent for these things. I surrounded myself with like-minded people and gained confidence in my knowledge and ability to help others. I know its tough in today’s world, but try something small like joining an online group (LinkedIn and Facebook have groups for any interest imaginable), or volunteering in your community.

2.   Be Nice

Another aspect that contributed to my growth in self-confidence was being nice. I know, sounds weird, but I was able to motivate myself to speak up and contribute by being nice to people. I pushed myself to compliment people’s ideas, achievements, outfits…. Anything! This now only helped me to become more comfortable voicing opinions, but it also made the people around me happier. If you struggle to speak up and provide input, start small, like telling your co-worker their proposal was amazing, and slowly the constructive and innovative feedback will start to flow more naturally.

3.   Keep Learning

In the last few years, I’ve committed to continuous learning. Whether its reading articles or novels or doing courses about art, business, sports, crafts, anything, learning will never disappoint you. As soon as I began to open my mind to new concepts, ideas and opinions, I was more confident in discussing and debating with friends and family. Some resources I found useful were LinkedIn learning, audible, and podcasts.

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