3 LinkedIn Learning Courses you Need to Take

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how important continuous learning has been for my personal and professional growth. There are so many amazing resources available to us to absorb every passion and interest possible, however, an ever-reliable and easily accessible platform is LinkedIn Learning. This is my go-to for all career related skills as well as passion projects.

I first started using the platform as a way to make my resume stand out. I would book coffee chats with people working in the jobs I wanted, or look at the skills required on job postings and use that to determine which skills I needed to improve and found associated courses.

Here are the three most useful and applicable courses I found for every career gal!

1.   Business Analysis Foundations

Although this may not be directly applicable to every position you encounter in your career, it is never a bad skill to have. Knowing how to analyse and display information is a key skill that can come in handy in any job.

2.   Delivering an Authentic Elevator Pitch

I know many people aren’t entrepreneurs, presenting to investors on a regular basis, but knowing how to give an effective elevator pitch can be used in many ways. For example, when the interviewer asks “why should we hire you?” you can elevator pitch yourself! The course goes over first impressions, personal development, and more… all of which are paramount for the career gal!

3.   Being an Effective Team Member

This course is applicable to much more than just the workplace! Being able to work effectively with a group, and understanding how different work styles come into play can allow you to manage all relationships more effectively.

Although these courses are focused more on soft skills, there are many courses available for hard skills. Take a look at the course catalogue, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting and that will also look fabulous on your resume!

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