Why You Need to be a Bitc*

Brave. Intelligent. Tenacious. Creative. Honest. 

Why are these traits celebrated in men, but discouraged in women? I came across this Ted Talk on YouTube, and although I am not overly familiar with the speaker, I think her message is very important. Over the past couple years, I have come to embrace the concept of being a “bitc*”, and started to respect and encourage the women around me showcasing these qualities.

As women, we get called bitc*es regularly, and unfortunately, this is often taken with a negative connotation, and is hurtful. In a career sense, women who are powerful, authoritative decision makers, and leaders are often slandered by this term, whereas their male counterparts are deemed as visionaries.

This video shows that we do not have to use this hateful word in such a hateful way. Being a bitc* can mean being brave enough to stand up for your beliefs and projects, intelligent enough to understand your area of expertise AND manage healthy interpersonal relationships, tenacious enough to go after what you want (whether it’s a promotion or a pair of shoes), creative enough to develop your own path, and honest enough to vocalize the incredible and innovative thoughts in your mind. 

Stop being brought down by the idea that being a “bitc*” and looking out for your best interests is some sort of toxic trait. Encourage yourself and the women around you to be brave, intelligent, honest, tenacious, creative and honest, because without a powerful female community, we will remain stagnant in a man’s world.

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