6 Tips for Work Day Productivity

Whether you’re still in school, working a 9-5, or running your own business, staying productive all day everyday can be a challenge. It is important to remember to take breaks and don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t on top of your game 100% of the time! However! I have curated this list of 6 things I try to incorporate into my daily routine to increase productivity.

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com

1.   Meditate

This doesn’t have to be a long and strenuous task. There are many 2-10 minute mindfulness options on Spotify and Apple music that can help you clear your mind and take on the day!

2.   Exercise before work

This is always feasible, but getting a quick workout in before you need to be productive will boost endorphins and make you feel more motivated all day!

3.   Stand every hour

Whether it’s just for a minute or two, standing every hour gives your body a chance to reset and wake up any stiff muscles (including your brain).

4.   Go outside

This might be tricky in the winter months, but getting some fresh air does wonders for the brain. Even just standing on the porch in your pjs for a couple minutes can be truly rejuvenating.

5.   Write things down on paper

I find that writing out what I need to achieve that day is a beautiful reminder and keeps me on task every time I see it!

6.   Block time

Finally, I try to designate blocks of time for specific tasks. Once the time is up, move on to your next task. This way, you can give your mind some variety throughout the day!

Let me know in the comments what you do to stay productive!

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